A Whole ‘nother Ox

Rebekah Grier of Broad Run Lifestyle Magazine profiles Derek and Amanda

It’s a new day for The Whole Ox, beloved artisan butchers in northern Fauquier County. The small-town butchers who have created quite a following after only four years in business, recently opened in their new location on Main Street in Marshall.

After three years in The Plains, and almost literally bursting at the seams, it was time for more elbow room. Because of the new location and the extra space, owners Derek and Amanda Luhowiak have been able to double the size of their full-time staff and bring on extra part-time staff to accommodate the almost 400% spike in demand. The new location has also allowed The Whole Ox to begin a unique aspect to their business, the Butcher Bar. The Butcher Bar, if you haven’t yet drooled over the charcuterie plate (including homemade duck rillette, chicken liver mousse, and smoked bone marrow butter, yum!), is a 13-seat bar offering a seasonal, small plates menu, wine by the glass, and beer list. Owner, butcher, and chef Derek describes it as “a gastropub with a ‘butchery’ twist; a meat lover’s smorgasbord.” Amanda, the other half of this meat-cutting power-duo confessed that there won’t be many vegetarian options. “There could be some fish options, but they might have meat in them. You like fish? Good. Here’s some chorizo,” Derek added. We sat down at the Butcher Bar while Derek and Amanda continued to cook, prepare, and welcome guests and got to know who they are, what they’re all about, and the answer to that rumor floating around about a kitchen incubator…

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