Tri-County’s Ladies Night

Ladies Night at Tri-County Feeds is an event like no other: a fashion show, plus snacks, delicious wines, and (of course) shopping at THE feed store.

The Whole Ox will be providing snacks and wine for the event. Our resident wine geek, Andrew, will be playing bartender and the illustrious owner of The Whole Ox, Amanda, will be modeling in the fashion show.

It’s a good night to be had by all, and a great way to ring in the holiday season.

Thursday, December 1, 6-9pm at Tri-County Feeds

Shop Small Party

Forget about going to big box stores on Black Friday. Come party with us on Small Business Saturday.

Saturday, November 26 from 12noon to 3pm (ish) we are having an open house party!

Steve will be making some sliders, Derek will put out some plates of charcuterie, Andrew will be tasting out a bunch of Bordeaux, and Amanda will start decorating for Christmas.

As an extra bonus, we will be raffling off 3 #shopsmall bags full of TWOX goodies.

Come celebrate the best of your local small business.

Wine Tasting: Natural Bubbles

Where do bubbles really come from??

Sparkling wines have bubbles. And while the extra CO₂ is a natural by-product of fermentation (just like the alcohol), most wines remain flat. That extra gas for most of the reds and whites we drink blows off into the atmosphere. Your traditional Champagne then adds a pellet full of extra sugar and yeast to the still wine for a second fermentation. This is where they get the bubbles.

But, not matter how clean and natural your ingredients might be, this two-fermentation method is modern manufacturing. What if, instead, we tried to capture those first bubbles instead of wasting them to the air? Continue reading Wine Tasting: Natural Bubbles

TWOX Fifth Anniversary Party in the Parking Lot

Fill the Ford with Food for Fauquier FISH

We’re celebrating FIVE YEARS with a Party in the Parking Lot.


Derek and Amanda will be throwing some meat on the grill.

Locally renowned Ethno-Appalachian Roots band Furnace Mountain will be here.

Tickets are free, but…

We’re asking you to bring two things: Continue reading TWOX Fifth Anniversary Party in the Parking Lot

Vine & Swine

Join us for a Whole Pig Roast at Boxwood Winery

How often do you get to sit out in a vineyard, drink good wine, and enjoy a whole pig roast?
Yep, almost never. Here’s your chance…

June 19, 2016, 5-8pm
at Boxwood winery in the vineyard

$85.00 per person

For questions or more information, call Boxwood Winery at 540-687-8778 x1

Continue reading Vine & Swine

Mardi Gras Overture

Mardi Gras was the last day Christians could eat des mets gras (fatty foods) before enduring 40 days of prayer and meat abstinence, until Easter. This day announced the beginning of Carême (Lent). It marks in a climactic fashion the end of la semaine des sept jours gras (week of seven fat days fat), once called jours charnels (carnal days).

For one evening, we invite our friends to join us for our own Jour Charnel, a lead-in to the festivities extending to Tuesday.

We will share a five-course meal with wine pairings, celebrating the marriage of French and American traditions with Bayou plates and American wines inspired by the French old-country.

Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 7 PM

Continue reading Mardi Gras Overture