We are looking for people to join our team of misfit toys

We believe that sustainability in food goes beyond just farming: it includes every step of the process. We see our employees as part of The Whole Ox family, much like the mafia. Much is given to you, and much is also expected. (Without the concrete shoes.)

As a member of our family, you are representing our business, which we have worked very hard to build. We believe in building a personal relationship with our clients, we try to know folk’s names, and give all our clients the best shopping experience we can provide, every time they visit our establishment.

Two openings available

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We’re Human


We love you. And clearly you love us too. We have been overwhelmed by the incredible response we have had since reopening our shop in Marshall.

In fact, we have had so much demand that nearly all of our energy and time has gone into helping our guests and preparing more and more foods. We feel so very grateful to you all, but we have been left with no space in our days to fully prepare our Butcher Bar.

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