Kelly Bronze, the Cadillac of Turkeys, Tasting Today

Kelly Bronze are not only heritage breed, humanely raised turkeys. They are wild-foraging, hand plucked, and dry aged (like beef!). They are an experience like no other.

Even the Washington Post thinks they’re awesome.

Today, Friday, November 18 from 12noon-5pm (ish), stop by the shop and taste this delicious turkey. A great opportunity to try before you buy.

Don’t forget: Thanksgiving orders are due by 5pm today!

Thanksgiving ordering deadline extended to Friday

Friends and family, we understand that life gets busy.

Maybe you are a last-minute-throw-it-together kind of person, or maybe you’ve been working so hard to meet a deadline that you’ve lost track of time, or maybe you have gone off-grid and not noticed that Thanksgiving is next week.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you get ready for this important holiday. We are extending the ordering deadline for turkeys, side, and everything else until this Friday, Nov 18 at 5pm.

Why two farmers think a British turkey belongs on your Thanksgiving table

Andrew Jenner of The Washington Post writes about the famed Kelly Bronze turkeys, and interviewed Amanda.

The Whole Ox has also sold Kelly Bronzes since the trial phase. The first year she carried them, co-owner Amanda Wyne Luhowiak compared one with another turkey in a Thanksgiving Day taste-test. The KellyBronze won hands down and has been the only turkey on her table ever since.

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