Wine Tasting: Turkish Wines

Turkey is one of the most ancient wine-producing regions in the world, the country has always had one of the world’s most extensive areas of vineyard, and the land carries with it over 600 indigenous varieties. Yet Turkey battles the culture wars between European influence, Middle Eastern instability, and foreign pressures, all while being a secular country in the Muslim world.

Luckily, some of their precious wines make it out of their borders, across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and into our store.

This will be the focus of this Saturday’s wine tasting: The mystery of Turkish wine! Continue reading Wine Tasting: Turkish Wines

Wine Tasting: Natural Wines from Italy

Clean. Fun. Real.

Some of the most delicious wines in the world are made without using chemicals in the vineyard, without adding yeast, or sugar, or acid, and without a huge aggressive filtering process.

This will be the focus of this Saturday’s wine tasting: Natural wines from a part of the world that cares as much about enjoying the deliciousness of wine as they do about nature. Continue reading Wine Tasting: Natural Wines from Italy

Wine Tasting: Natural Bubbles

Where do bubbles really come from??

Sparkling wines have bubbles. And while the extra CO₂ is a natural by-product of fermentation (just like the alcohol), most wines remain flat. That extra gas for most of the reds and whites we drink blows off into the atmosphere. Your traditional Champagne then adds a pellet full of extra sugar and yeast to the still wine for a second fermentation. This is where they get the bubbles.

But, not matter how clean and natural your ingredients might be, this two-fermentation method is modern manufacturing. What if, instead, we tried to capture those first bubbles instead of wasting them to the air? Continue reading Wine Tasting: Natural Bubbles

Wine Tasting: Pre Labor Day Tasting of California Wines

This Saturday, September 2, as harvest begins all over the world and cool weather starts to set in, we thought we might open some wines that fit the zeitgeist.

We will be tasting from two California wineries: one of the old guard, and one of the new movement. Continue reading Wine Tasting: Pre Labor Day Tasting of California Wines

Wine Tasting: Empordàlia

This Saturday, August 20, we will be tasting four wines from Empordàlia, a small natural-farming co-op on the northern Mediterranean coast of Spain.

We will be tasting their white, rosé, and red, as well as a not-too-sweet sherry-style moscatell! Continue reading Wine Tasting: Empordàlia

#FAF Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting: Fancy

Every Saturday, we open up a few wines to showcase what we bring into the shop. Usually the tastings will have a theme, something like: “French Wines” or “Reds from Southern Italy” or “Wines to have with Meats from the Grill”.

But sometimes, when you’ve had a long week or are just feeling special, you want something FANCY. You want a wine that says “you’ve waited long enough, it’s time to open me up”. A wine that is all gold everything. Continue reading #FAF Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting: Three Italian Reds

A Renaissance romance, Lucifer falling from heaven, and snacks: This week’s wine tasting.

Italy is one of the most diverse, complicated, and interesting wine-producing countries in the world.
The peninsula has more than 120 varieties NATIVE to it and nearing 400 different wine regions.

This Saturday, join us for an ongoing exploration of Italian wines. we will be tasting three Italian reds: one from the north, one from central Italy, and one from the south.

Tasting is free in the shop from 1pm to 3pm-ish.
Continue reading Wine Tasting: Three Italian Reds