#FAF Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting: Fancy

Every Saturday, we open up a few wines to showcase what we bring into the shop. Usually the tastings will have a theme, something like: “French Wines” or “Reds from Southern Italy” or “Wines to have with Meats from the Grill”.

But sometimes, when you’ve had a long week or are just feeling special, you want something FANCY. You want a wine that says “you’ve waited long enough, it’s time to open me up”. A wine that is all gold everything.

Today (July 30) we are opening up three wines to blow up your weekend: A 1997 white Burgundy, a Bordeaux that’s actually ready to drink, and a big RARE Italian red whose bottle is so heavy that some people can’t lift it.

Tasting is free in the shop from 1pm to 3pm-ish. Don’t miss this one.