Grenache is for Lovers

Grenache, or Garnacha, or even Garnatxa, is one of life’s great wine adventures. It is a love affair with the most giving of red wines. In my opinion, Oz Clarke put it best:

It has a wonderful raw-boned power that sweeps you along in its intoxicating wake.

It exudes a blithe bonhomie and a taste—all ruddy cheeks and flashing eyes, and fistfuls of strawberry fruit—that seduces you yet makes you think that it’s surely harmless fun.

Grenache is the wild, wild woman of wine, the sex on wheels, the devil take the hindmost, the ‘don’t day I didn’t warn you’.

This cold winter weekend, I invite you to explore the lustful Grenache to its fullest. Come in to get a small taste, fall in love, and take it home with you—or even to bed!


Three or four Grenaches. Free of charge.

Saturday, February 13, 1-3pm ish