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Thank you.

Of all the things we are thankful for, you are at the top of the list. Now four years in, we have been so blessed that each of you have supported us: first inside the old IGA, then in The Plains railroad depot, and now back in Marshall again.

We hope that you have a great Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. Be safe. Be well. Have fun.

As an extra thank you, we’re throwing a party. A customer appreciation party for Small Business Saturday.

This Saturday, November 28th, beginning at NOON-ish.

Please join us for snacks, wine, and good times.


Derek and Amanda and the rest of Team TWOX

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Maurice Ox

Native of Hawaii, Maurice was shot dead in the early 1970’s. Once a WILD boar, she has now relocated to Virginia, settling down to a more sedentary lifestyle. Proud of our work to bring humanely raised meats to hungry humans, she volunteers by posting to our Facebook Group, smiling at children, and dressing up for important holidays.