How to Get Snowed in the TWOX way

Snow is on the way. Will we have 5 inches? 8? 100,000,000?

Whether it’s a light dusting that pretties our hills or a blizzard that leaves you stranded for days like a character in an Agatha Christie mystery, it’s best to be prepared with enough food & wine to keep you warm.
Here’s our list to get you snowed in The Whole Ox way:

Step 1: Unleash your inner chef

Getting snowed in is the perfect opportunity to shuck off the responsibilities of modern living and embrace your natural desires to jump into the kitchen and cook up a storm. This is your chance to try out that awesome recipe you’ve tucked away for when you have time. Feel like braising lamb legs? How about a nice long slow roast?

Give us a call (540-724-1650) to reserve what you need before someone else gets it!

Step 2: Wine, Wine, Wine

We’ve picked out our wines to get snowed in with. Have you? One newcomer to the shop that is an awesome snowday wine is A.A. Badenhorst’s “The Curator” red blend from South Africa. Warming and ripe without being too heavy or too fruity. Totally natural clean wine. Somehow only $11 per bottle.

Also, we just got in this amazing Blaufränkisch from Austria that would be perfect with any roasts or stews this weekend. Dry, dark, and impressive. Only $24 but very limited quantities.

Stop by the shop to taste this afternoon or give us a call (540-724-1650) to reserve what you need.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Milk! Butter! Eggs! Bacon! Stock! Soups! We have all the essentials here. Skip the grocery store madness and hang out with us. The music is better, the staff is more attractive, and we’re usually drinking something! In short, TWOX is more fun.

Give us a call (540-724-1650) to claim your share…

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Maurice Ox

Native of Hawaii, Maurice was shot dead in the early 1970’s. Once a WILD boar, she has now relocated to Virginia, settling down to a more sedentary lifestyle. Proud of our work to bring humanely raised meats to hungry humans, she volunteers by posting to our Facebook Group, smiling at children, and dressing up for important holidays.