Summer Vacation 2017

Every August we close for a week to take a little break and enjoy the summer sun.

 SALE! SALE! SALE!     Lots will be on sale before we go.     We’re having a going away party for Tyler.     Be sure to pre-order anything you need to get you through our holiday,     double up on OX BOXES,     and don’t worry, if you get a Sunnyside CSA share, we have a plan.  

All the details below:


The Whole Ox will be closed
Sunday, August 6 to Monday, August 14

The butcher shop will reopen on
Tuesday, August 15 at 10am

Dinner service will resume on
Thursday, August 17 at 5:30pm

Here’s what you need to know:

Since we’ll be closed for a week, now is your chance to load up. Have us vaccuum-seel a few extra steaks to keep in your freezer in case you want to grill out. Stock up on stock, and pot pies, meatballs, sauces, and other treats.

 Call today to place all special orders: 540-724-1650 

If you take advantage of our pretty awesome OX BOX program, be sure to double up your order this week so that you are not meatless while we’re away. Be sure you order two boxes (as opposed to a double portion) so that we portion everything correctly. FOR EXAMPLE, if you usually get an Ox Box for 2, order two Ox Boxes for 2, not one Ox Box for 4.

 You can place your Ox Box order on the Facebook thread, or just call. 

All week long, we will have items discounted. We want to leave for vacation with an empty shop, so stop by and help us clear things out!

 Discounts will change throughout the week.  Stop by for details.  

We will still be offering the opportunity to pick up your box of veggies, but in a more narrow window: 3-6pm. If you cannot make it during this time, you can arrange to pick up your box at their farm. Please contact the Farm directly to make any alternate arrangements: 540-675-9946. Please also note that the shop will not be open for other sales during the pickup window. Be sure to plan ahead and get all you need this week!

 Pick up your share between 3-6pm on Wednesday, Aug 9 

And, last but certainly not least, we say goodbye to Tyler

Tyler has been a regular face at The Whole Ox since helping out with Thanksgiving turkeys back in that first year in the old IGA. 

He has brought an air of undefined mystery to the shop floor, making him the perfect friendly face that has helped you for nearly SIX YEARS with all the things you didn’t realize you needed when you came in.

Tyler has given us wonderful conversations, lent us his usefully random knowledge, and warmed our hearts. We will miss him and wish him the best in his adventures to come.

 Come by to send our dear friend off in style THIS FRIDAY, Aug 4 from 3-7pm.  Costumes optional.  


Tyler Keeler
“The Mustache”