Kelly Bronze Turkey Tasting

Master turkey farmer Judd Culver will be here to talk about the amazing Kelly Bronze turkeys that he and his family raise, and offer a tasting of these delicious dry-aged birds.

About Kelly Bronze Turkeys

The Cadillac of Turkeys. The Kelly Bronze turkeys are raised by our good friend Judd Culver in Crozet, VA. The heritage bronze breed was revived by Dr. Kelly (one of the few people in the world to have a doctorate in turkey husbandry), and has been voted the best turkey in Britain for the last ten years and running!

These turkeys are not just free-range: they are wild-foraging. They are allowed to roam the farm on their own, living their lives much like a wild turkey does. After harvest, the birds are hand-plucked and dry-hung like a traditional game bird. This means not only do the turkeys not need brining, but the meat is also more flavorful, denser, and cooks faster: just like a dry-aged steak does.

Wine Tasting: The Beauty of Beaujolais

Beaujolais is the underdog in Burgundy’s red wine scene. Made from the Gamay grape, the often juicy and autumn-spiced light reds are perfect for fall flavors (especially the Thanksgiving table).

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Why two farmers think a British turkey belongs on your Thanksgiving table

Andrew Jenner of The Washington Post writes about the famed Kelly Bronze turkeys, and interviewed Amanda.

The Whole Ox has also sold Kelly Bronzes since the trial phase. The first year she carried them, co-owner Amanda Wyne Luhowiak compared one with another turkey in a Thanksgiving Day taste-test. The KellyBronze won hands down and has been the only turkey on her table ever since.

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