Thanksgiving 2017

Let The Whole Ox make your Thanksgiving table awesome with a humanely-raised turkey, traditional handmade sides, and sustainably farmed wine.


The Thanksgiving turkey goes beyond our traditions and customs as an American people: the Turkey is the centerpiece of our celebration of community, our moment at the table with family and friends.

We all value sustainable farming, and that’s why all four options available for turkeys this year are free range and humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.

Kelly Bronze

The Cadillac of Turkeys. The Kelly Bronze turkeys are raised by our good friend Judd Culver in Crozet, VA. The heritage bronze breed was revived by Dr. Kelly (one of the few people in the world to have a doctorate in turkey husbandry), and has been voted the best turkey in Britain for the last ten years and running!

These turkeys are not just free-range: they are wild-foraging. They are allowed to roam the farm on their own, living their lives much like a wild turkey does. After harvest, the birds are hand-plucked and dry-hung like a traditional game bird. This means not only do the turkeys not need brining, but the meat is also more flavorful, denser, and cooks faster: just like a dry-aged steak does.

The Kelly Bronze turkeys are $12/lb. They come in a neat black box with cooking instructions and a special meat thermometer. The Kelly Bronze turkeys come in three size ranges this year: 11-14 lbs, 15-18 lbs, and 19-22 lbs.

Heritage Black

Premium Heritage Breed. The Heritage Black turkeys are a very old heritage turkey breed, probably the first to be developed from Native American stocks. Some of the first turkeys taken to Europe in the early 16th century were the Black turkeys, where they became very popular, particularly in Spain. The turkeys are a naturally-mating, slow-growing breed particularly suited for outdoor free-roaming, and produces a very flavorful, tender meat. These turkeys are raised by the Ashley family co-op in North Carolina.

The Heritage Black turkeys are $11/lb, and come in two size ranges this year: 14-16 lbs, and 17-20 lbs.

Sunrise White

From the Local Farmer. The Sunrise White turkeys come from Sunrise Farms in Stuarts Draft, VA (between Staunton and Charlottesville). These turkeys are a white hybrid breed (a farmer’s cross intended to produce larger birds with bigger breast meat), free-roaming on grass pastures and their diet is supplemented by a non-GMO feed made with care by the farmers themselves.

The Sunrise White turkeys are $8/lb, and come in two size ranges this year: 15-18 lbs, and 19-23 lbs.

Ashley White

Naturally Farmed. The Ashley White turkeys are raised with love by the Ashley family co-op in North Carolina. These turkeys are a white hybrid breed (a farmer’s cross intended to produce larger birds with bigger breast meat), organically grown, raised on pasture, and considered “happy turkeys”. 🙂

The Ashley White turkeys are $7/lb, and come in a single size range this year: 16-20 lbs.

Bone-In or Boneless Turkey Breasts

For the smaller table. If you are considering a smaller Thanksgiving crowd, we will also have available single or double turkey breasts of the Ashley White turkeys.

The Ashley White turkey breasts are $11/lb (bone-in) or $13/lb (boneless).

Turkey Comparison Chart

the cadillac of turkeys



Humanely Raised

Free Range

No antibiotics
or added hormones


Heritage Breed

Hand Plucked & Dry Aged 


Size Ranges:

11-14 lbs

15-18 lbs

19-22 lbs 

$12 / LB

PREMIUM heritage breed



Humanely Raised

Free Range

No antibiotics 
or added hormones

Heritage Breed

Vegetarian feed

Size Ranges:

14-16 lbs

17-20 lbs 

$11 / LB

from the local farmer



Humanely Raised

Free Range

No antibiotics 
or added hormones


Non-GMO feed

(made by the farmers)

Size Ranges:

15-18 lbs

19-23 lbs 

$8 / LB

naturally farmed



Humanely Raised

Free Range

No antibiotics 
or added hormones

Vegetarian feed

Size Range:

16-20 lbs

$7/ LB

To brine or not to Brine

We do not recommend brining the Kelly Bronze turkeys. Since they are hand-plucked, moisture is not lost to water by conventional defeathering through boiling; and since they are already dry-aged, flavors are already concentrated in the meat.

Heritage Black turkeys may be brined, but since they are smaller birds with richer meat, we do not feel brining is necessary.

We DO recommend brining with both white birds (Sunrise White and Ashley White) as brining will bring back moisture to the meat, and enhance the flavors of these breast-heavy turkeys.

We will be offering our own THE WHOLE OX BRINING KIT for pre-order with your turkey.

The Turkey Size Equation

In order to make sure you are choosing the correct size range for your Thanksgiving turkey, we use the rule of thumb that one pound per person will feed everyone, but leave little leftovers. To have a bountiful meal, we suggest adding a few extra pounds to the number of guests. This equation for determining your turkey size can be illustrated by the following equation:

[Number of guests] + [2 to 4 lbs] = [turkey size range]

We do our very best to accommodate the size range you are looking for, however we are working with a farm fresh product, so their will be variation and a certain amount of unpredictability. All bird orders will be assigned in the order we receive them.

Handmade Sides

Oyster Chowda

quart (serves 4), $16

Apple, Sage, and Squash Soup

quart (serves 4), $12

Crab Artichoke Dip

small panibois (serves 2-6), $20

Corn Pudding

large panibois (serves 4-6), $10

Potato Gratin

large panibois (serves 4-6), $15

Brussels Spouts with TWOX Bacon compound butter

vacuum-pack (serves 4-ish), $12

Over the Grass Salad Mix

1/2 lb (serves 4-ish), $8

Cranberry Relish

pint (serves 4-ish), $8

Turkey Gravy

quart, $12

Turkey Stock

quart, $10

Traditional Stuffing

large panibois (serves 4-6) $12

Sage Sausage Stuffing

large panibois (serves 4-6) $15

Sustainably Farmed Wine

Choosing wines for the Thanksgiving table can be difficult. There are so many different foods, flavors, and personalities to contend with. Let us help. Each Saturday this month, we will be tasting wines to focus on the holiday table ahead. See the schedule of tastings here. ->


Dinner Rolls from Lyon Bakery in Washinton, DC
Baked fresh daily without preservatives

Brioche Rolls

$9 (dozen)

Whole Wheat Rolls

$8 (dozen)

Sourdough Rolls

$8 (dozen)

Cranberry Walnut Rolls

$12 (dozen)

Homemade Pies

by Ashbank Farms in Markham, Virginia

Pumpkin Pie


Apple Pie


Bourbon Pecan Pie


Chesapeake Oysters

Fresh shucked from the Chesapeake Bay by Donnie O’Bier





Brunch Items

Because friends and family are in town

Don’t be caught unprepared! Pre-order your:

  • Breakfast Sausage (bulk)
  • Maple Breakfast Sausage (bulk)
  • Bacon
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Apple Cider Donuts (by Ashbank Farms)

How to Order

We would most like to take your Thanksgiving order in person. Despite the conveniences of the digital age, we feel we can best understand your needs for the holiday by having a conversation face to face. That said, we are happy to take your order over the phone if you prefer. We will not be taking Thanksgiving orders via email or text message.

We require a credit card to hold your Thanksgiving order. We do not charge for Thanksgiving orders in advance. We will only charge this card if you do not pick up your order and your food will be donated to the local food bank.

All orders must be placed by Nov 17 at 6pm

Kelly Bronze turkeys may be picked up:

  • Fri, Nov 17
  • Sat, Nov 18
  • Tues, Nov 21
  • Wed, Nov 22
  • All other orders may be picked up on:
    Tues, Nov 21 or Wed, Nov 22