Travel & Leisure recognizes The Whole Ox

Virginia: A Culinary Scene on the Rise

Amy McKeever lists The Whole Ox as one of three notable business in Northern Virginia boosting Virginia’s culinary scene.

Billing itself as “probably the best butcher shop in Northern Virginia,” the Whole Ox is a whole animal butcher shop that works with local distributors such as Buffalo Creek Farm, Saddle Ridge Farm, and Yohanan Farm. There’s also a shop selling cheese, wine, beer, and house-made foods like sausages, bacon, stock, soups, and prepared foods.

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Maurice Ox

Native of Hawaii, Maurice was shot dead in the early 1970’s. Once a WILD boar, she has now relocated to Virginia, settling down to a more sedentary lifestyle. Proud of our work to bring humanely raised meats to hungry humans, she volunteers by posting to our Facebook Group, smiling at children, and dressing up for important holidays.