We’re Going on Vacation!

Yep, we take a break too! Every year we close for a week in August to give ourselves a little breather, a little time off to rest, play, and rejuvenate.

The Facts

  • Our last day before break is Saturday, August 6.
    The shop will have normal hours: 10am-5pm
    The bar will be closing early at 9pm.
  • We will be totally closed August 7 – 15.
    The butcher shop will reopen on Tuesday, August 16.
  • The Bar will be closed the following week, reopening on August 23.

Special Sales

We want to go away with an empty shop.

15% off of
  • All Frozen Whole Muscle Cuts
  • All Frozen Fish & Seafood
  • All Frozen Ground Meats
  • All Frozen Sausages
  • All White Wines
  • All Cheeses

Be the opportunist and take advantage.

Get What You Want

As always, we are happy to take special orders for any cut of meat, even if it’s something we do everyday like ground beef.

We will continue to take special orders until 5pm on Tuesday, August 2nd.

Beginning Wednesday, August 3rd, all meat cuts will be first-come-first-serve. So if you’re planning a cookout that weekend and really really really want New York Strips (for example), give us a call and have us put your name on some before someone else gets them.

As we get close to the weekend before break, things will start to disappear (and will never ever be seen again….! -—-well not really, we will be doing everything per usual when we get back.)