Vinegars! and Turkey!

Today, November 6th, we will be offering a tasting of Kelly Bronze Turkeys and Lindera Farms Vinegars!

3pm to close

Daniel Liberson of Lindera Farms will be here to discuss and taste his local small batch vinegars. Lindera Farms Vinegars are artisan vinegars made with sustainable ingredients sourced out of Virginia that are an incredibly high quality. This makes for a versatile vinegar with chefs, bartenders, home cooks, and health conscious individuals in mind. This is not your average vinegar.

The Kelly Bronze Turkeys are local, free range, humanely raised, wild foraging, no added antibiotic or hormones, dry aged, hand-plucked, and delicious.

Published by

Maurice Ox

Native of Hawaii, Maurice was shot dead in the early 1970’s. Once a WILD boar, she has now relocated to Virginia, settling down to a more sedentary lifestyle. Proud of our work to bring humanely raised meats to hungry humans, she volunteers by posting to our Facebook Group, smiling at children, and dressing up for important holidays.