Housemade Foods

We try to use up every bit of the animals we butcher. Some becomes ground meats, but much becomes something much more interesting. Bacon, sausages, pot pies, soups, stocks, mousse, terrine, salami, and more. Stop by the shop each week to see what we’ve created.


Each week we make 5 to 6 different link sausages, rotating within a portfolio of nearing 100 recipes.
Housemade Breakfast Sausage, Maple Breakfast, Chorizo, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian are nearly always in the freezer. To see our sausage selection for this week, check out our Today page.

House Bacon

Housemade Smoked Bacon, Housemade Smoked Buckboard Bacon, Housemade Rashers (Irish Bacon)


Chicken Stock, Beef Stock, Rich Broth


A variety of different housemade soups each week.


Salami, Country Pâté, Chicken Liver Mousse, Coppa di Testa, Crudo, Smoked Duck Bread, Lardons, Pancetta, Smoked Ham Hocks, and so much more.

Prepared Foods

Chicken Pot pies, Shepherd’s pies, Cottage pies, Beef & Mushroom pies, Meatballs, Meatloaf, Bolognese