Ox Boxes

Think of an Ox Box as a butcher’s choice box of meats.

What is in an Ox Box?

Every Ox Box is different. Each box is designed to give you 4 to 6 meals worth of meat. Ox Boxes (Boxen?) include a selection of beef, pork, chicken, sometimes fish, and occasionally things like veal, lamb, or duck, portioned according to your order.


Price is $30/serving. We give you an extra 15-20% of meat in each box for allowing us to choose what goes in your box. For example, a box for two would be $60, and there would be $70-$75 worth of meat in it.

How to Order

Order your box based on the number of people you would like to feed in a week. We will make a selection of meats and build your box accordingly.

Ox Boxes are not a subscription. Order when you want one. We ask that you place your order at least one business day in advance. We will work around allergies or dietary restrictions, but ask that you remind us.

When you order a Box, you can pre-order extras like bacon, sausage, eggs, or anything else in the shop for pick up at the same time.

For the Sake of Example

*every ox box is unique

If you have any further questions about the Ox Box program, please call us at the shop. 540-724-1650 Thanks!

A random cute photo of Maurice.
A random cute photo of Maurice.