Wine Tasting: Natural Bubbles

Where do bubbles really come from??

Sparkling wines have bubbles. And while the extra CO₂ is a natural by-product of fermentation (just like the alcohol), most wines remain flat. That extra gas for most of the reds and whites we drink blows off into the atmosphere. Your traditional Champagne then adds a pellet full of extra sugar and yeast to the still wine for a second fermentation. This is where they get the bubbles.

But, not matter how clean and natural your ingredients might be, this two-fermentation method is modern manufacturing. What if, instead, we tried to capture those first bubbles instead of wasting them to the air?

This will be the focus of this Saturday’s wine tasting: Natural Bubbles. Wines that have that beautiful fizz, but only go through a single fermentation phase. This “pét-nat” style (pétillant naturel) was the subject of a recent PUNCH article, and we thought we’d do a little natural exploring of our own.

We will be tasting three naturally sparkling wines: one from France, one from Califonia, and one from Italy.

This tasting is free for friends, this Saturday, Septemeber 10, from 1-3pm.

Not to be missed.