Vine & Swine

Join us for a Whole Pig Roast at Boxwood Winery

How often do you get to sit out in a vineyard, drink good wine, and enjoy a whole pig roast?
Yep, almost never. Here’s your chance…

June 19, 2016, 5-8pm
at Boxwood winery in the vineyard

$85.00 per person

For questions or more information, call Boxwood Winery at 540-687-8778 x1

This evening’s main dish is pork from an American Guinea Hog, raised in the pastures and woods of Hock Newberry Farm in Marshall, Virginia.

Guinea Hogs are a heritage breed, having come to this continent with some of the first settlers. They are a small breed of hog that produces a well-marbled, darker-colored, and more flavorful meat than most other breeds. They are prized for their incredibly docile nature, and their ability to make a living off of the land, foraging on grasses, legumes, brush, small trees, acorns, and even worms and grubs. Guinea Hogs can take anywhere from 10-18 months to mature, an attribute that gained them a firm position on the Slow Foods Ark of Taste. In recent years, Guinea Hogs have all but gone extinct, but a small group of dedicated breeders is working to increase their numbers and help them find their way onto the plates and into the bellies of discerning foodies everywhere.

At Hock Newberry Farm, the Guinea Hogs are used as part of an integrated system that employs multi-species rotational grazing to heal the land and produce the most wholesome, tastiest food possible. The hogs graze on the pastures & in the woods, and are supplemented with raw goats milk, pastured eggs, fermented alfalfa, and organic, non-GMO, soy-free feed.

The farm is located in Marshall and welcomes visitors by appointment.