twox does valentines 2016

The Whole Ox

Give your lover a piece of meat this Valentine’s

Be sure to preorder your porterhouses, bacon-wrapped filets, strip steaks, or ribeyes for your special someone, even if your special someone is yourself!

As an extra bonus, we’re offering 10% off all preorders on the steaks listed above!

Orders must be placed by 5pm on Thursday, for pickup on Friday or Saturday.

Call to place your steak order: 540-724-1650.

The Whole Ox is an old fashioned, full service butcher shop specializing in whole, local foods from your neighbors’ farms.

Our meats are raised ethically on pasture without the addition of hormones and antibiotics.

This service provides healthy options for our community and supports our local rural economy.

When I first began
To cut up oxen,
I would see before me
All in one mass.
After three years,
I no longer saw this mass.
I saw the distinctions.
— Chuang Tzu